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Our charters

Our Commitment to Gold Fields’ Investors…

To build a quality portfolio of productive mines and assets under exploration and development

The quality of our asset portfolio is key to our success. What is most important, however, is our commitment to generate cash on a sustainable basis, in order for us to meet our commitments to all of our stakeholders

To provide superior returns

In order to be an appealing long-term investment we will deliver leverage to the gold price and attractive returns relative to our peers and the gold price

To deliver on our commitments

We seek to be judged on what we do rather than what we say. We will be clear and transparent on our strategy and the performance of our assets, and focus on achievements rather than on what we intend to do. To protect our credibility and integrity we will only make commitments that we can achieve
A Quality Portfolio of Producing and Growth Assets, Providing Superior Returns on Gold

Our Commitment to Society and Gold Fields’ Host Communities …

To build strong relationships and trust

We build strong relationships with key stakeholders, based on trust and open, honest and frequent engagement

To create and share value

To ensure that we leave an enduring, positive legacy for the communities in which we operate, we work with our stakeholders (investors, employees, communities and governments) to create “Shared Value”

To measure our actions and impact

We commit to put in place measures to gauge how we are performing against our commitments to create “Shared Value”, build communities and reduce our impact on the environment

To deliver against our promises

We strive to reach a better understanding of all the relevant issues associated with our business, to co-create and deliver the right commitments to secure and maintain our Social Licence to Operate
The Most Trusted and Valued Mining Partner

Our commitment to Gold Fields Employees…

To be a company you can be proud of

We Live our values and deliver on our promises
We contribute to building our communities in a way that you can be proud of and we share the value we create with our communities in a way that sustains our business and the environment

To celebrate  achievement

We celebrate the successes that you as an individual achieve as well as the successes of your team
We recognise and reward your performance

To treat you with respect and to work with you to ensure your health and safety

We treat you with respect and dignity
We provide a safe and healthy work environment so that you can leave work each day to return to your loved ones, and live a well-balanced life

To provide the right development & support for you to succeed

When you deliver, we provide you the opportunity to take on new challenges with the right development and support

With your help, to make Gold Fields “the best place to work”

Your contribution is critical for us to deliver on this promise
We encourage and expect of you to live our values, to work collaboratively, and to do what is best for Gold Fields’ enduring legacy.
A Safe, Winning and Productive Team