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West Africa operations - Damang

Aerial view of the Damang   Visible gold in a rock specimen
from the Damang Pit
  Open pit mining operation – dump
  Run of mine stockpile, Damang
Gold Mine

General location   Damang is located in south-western Ghana, approximately 300 kilometres by road west of Accra, the capital, at latitude 5° 11’ N and longitude 1° 57’ W. The Damang concession lies to the north of and joins the Tarkwa concession, which is located near the town of Tarkwa. The area is served with good access roads with established infrastructure, and a main road connects the Mine to the port of Takoradi, some 90 kilometres to the south-east
Climate   A tropical climate, with average monthly temperatures between 21°C and 32°C, is characterised by two distinct rainy seasons from March to July and September to November. Average annual rainfall near the site is 2,030 millimetres. Although there may be minor disruptions to operations during the wet season, there is no operating or long-term constraint on production due to climate
Operational infrastructure   The Damang plant processes oxide and fresh ore, which is sourced from four open pit mining operations and existing surface stockpiles, located on the Damang Mine Lease. The current plant name-plate throughput is 5.1 Mtpa, with an approximate ore blend of 60:40 fresh:oxide