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Optimising our operations

‘Optimising our operations’ means bringing our attributable Mineral Resources of 217.0 million

‘Optimising our operations’ is about bringing our attributable Mineral Resources of 217.0 million gold equivalent ounces and attributable Mineral Reserves of 80.6 million gold equivalent ounces to account in a way that is safe, cost effective and environmentally responsible.

Gold Fields has eight world-class mines. It is fundamental to the attainment of Group strategy for each mine to produce to its potential and maintain stability, predictability and consistency. In particular, our focus is on

Ensuring our mines deliver   Employee safety   Respecting the environment
This involves maximising the operational potential of our mines, through investment in mechanisation, infrastructure development, mining flexibility and ore reserve development...   This involves pursuing ‘Zero Harm’ through the Group's Safe Production philosophy, with a particular focus on a safe and healthy working environment and the development of a safe working mentality amongst employees...   This involves minimising our environmental impact, by effectively managing our pollution risks, energy consumption, carbon emissions and closure-planning...

A comprehensive review of our progress in these areas is available in the Gold Fields Integrated Annual Review 2011